Hi! I’m looking for a…

Hi! I’m looking for a guy, who was travelling by metro at Thursday evening (9.00pm) from Belleville station(?-not sure) to Pigalle (blue line n. 2) in Paris. He was tall, with backpack on his back, short haircut and very nice smile. I smiled back and after then he started to write a message on a piece of paper. Before leaving the train, he wanted to give that paper to me, but I didn’t take it. I’m so sorry, my fault. Then he disappeared… If you recognized yourself, please write me a message. I just want to know, who are you and what was on that paper..:) Thanks!


  • Métro2à Pigalle.
  • Une rencontre faite le 17 juillet 2014.
  • Rédigé par une femme pour un homme.
  • Publié le lundi 21 juillet.


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