Intense eye-contact with a tall man with dark hair and honey-brown eyes

I’m a young woman, tall, dark hair, pink scarf- been travelling with a girlfriend in M4 to Denfert-Rochereau, we met at about 17:45,

Made intense eye-contact with a very handsome tall man with dark, slightly curly, short hair and beautiful honey-brown eyes that seemed to have looked right into my heart. He was wearing a dark coat und light brown leather shoes.

We looked at each other all the time before be had to get out (about 3 stations before Denfert-Rochereau) and even when he got out through the window.

Can’t stop thinking about him.


  • Métro4à Saint-Placide.
  • Une rencontre faite le 11 mars 2013.
  • Rédigé par une femme pour un homme.
  • Publié le mardi 12 mars.