I met à young boxer last Night, 2 pm maybe. We were only two waiting for the bus in western paris (near Palais des Congrès, porte Maillot, noctilien 11). Cold night and dark streets.

First he scared me, seemed strong and training well. He was doing his fast mouvements and the boxer’s feet dance.. And me praying for not Being assaulted.

5 min later he tried to approach but understood i didn’t feel like talking to a stranger at 2pm and then came back to his place and carried on training. I guess he felt me distant and nervous. I admit i admired what I saw even if so scared in the empty street.

No word came out from him, just some looks, and when I saw him well I realized i was being afraid of the most beautiful eyes i didn’t see since a long time.. hidden all that time by the obscurity.

I’m not sure i’m gonna ever see him again.


  • Métro1à Porte Maillot.
  • Une rencontre faite le 7 septembre 2018.
  • Rédigé par une femme pour un homme.
  • Publié le mercredi 26 septembre.


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